What to do with old Wellington Boots?

So that destressing time has come upon me. A hole has appeared on my favourite Joules Wellies. Right on the crease upon my big toe. I have fixed my welly bogs in the past (I’ll upload a post on that later) but it has always been high up on the boot. Never in a place with so much flex.

With Christmas just around the corner, I have been hinting at my husband to replace my beloved boots. Whilst waiting to see if Santa brings me any, I have had a look around the internet to see what is the best thing to do with my old wellies. I just can’t throw them.

Below is a list of some likely ideas on how to reuse your old wellington boots. If you have any more ideas, please comment, I would love to hear.

Donate them.

Donate my old Wellington Boots
Source: Alamy

If (unlike mine) your old wellington boots are still watertight, then you may consider donating them to Charity. The rainy months in the UK can leave those less fortunate with cold and wet feet. They are sure to get plenty of use out of them. Ask around your local charity shops to see if they are interested.

If they are not watertight some charities may accept them to be sold on for other uses. Such as playground material or new road surfaces. One such charity that collects is First Mile, find out more here.

Make a pair of gardening shoes.

Photo: Joanna and Eric Reuter

The days might be gone wadding ankle-deep in mud walking the dogs in your slipper-like wellies, but that doesn’t mean they still can’t be worn. Old wellington boots make excellent footwear to potter around the garden. Even if they have a couple of holes in them, you’ll still get a fair amount of use out of them.

You can use them as they are. Or if there is a large tear near the top of the boot or its summer, cut above the ankle and make yourself some nice gardening shoes.

Make a cute plant pot.

Old Wellington Boots as planters
Source: Mindi Anne

In my opinion, the best way to reuse old wellington boots is to turn them into plant pots. It’s super quick and simple.

Just make a few holes into the soles of the wellies. Either with a drill, a knife or some nails. Fill the bottoms with gravel to aid with drainage and fill with soil. Then you’re ready to plant your flowers.

Trailing flowers such as trailing jenny or ivy look amazing. Kitchen herbs also make for an eye-pleasing container. You could also cut some holes into the side of the boots to create a perfect planter for strawberries.

Old Wellington Boots holding strawberries.
Strawberry planter. Source: Chelsea Flower Show 2013.
Old Wellington Boots being used as an indoor planter.
Old Wellington Boot plant pots can also be used indoors. Source: On Sutton Place

Other ideas that are bit more crazy, but fun.

Below are some more of the crazier ideas I found online. But do look fun to try.

Give your scarecrow a makeover. If you have a little land, an allotment, grow food in your garden or want to enter a scarecrow competition with the kids, then your scarecrow would look stunning in a pair of old wellies. Also perfect for a Guy Fawkes on Bonfire night.

Westgate Parks Scarecrow Trail, image via MyKentFamily

Create an amazing birdhouse. A quirky idea would to make a birdhouse out of your old wellies. they would look great in a cottage themed garden and a perfect project to do with the children. A very brief tutorial is available here: niftynnifer.

Wellington bird houses. niftynnifer

Have ago at “Wellie Wanging”. The sport is one of those unique British festivities like “Cheese Rolling” and “Bottle Kicking“. It has many different rules but the two most popular are to throw a single wellington boot the furthest or closest to target. Check out this old video on the sport:

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