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DIY Christmas Hamper For Your Dog

What to get your dog for Christmas? If you are anything like me, you spend more on your dogs than yourself! From new coats, collars and leads to treats you see in the pet shop.

This year I wanted to do something a little extra so have decided to make Christmas dog hampers for Amber and George.

The hardest bit was where to start….. cue epic google sessions and research which gave a plethora of ideas including gigantic hampers, entirely handmade ones and some including diamond-studded collars!

So where to start?

Decide the size of hamper you want to produce, I went for 34cm x 21cm x 11cm because it cost less to fill. But you can choose any size you want.

Next What to put in it and what to handmake if you have the time. I decided that the best option for myself was to buy the items pre-made… so cue an amazon delivery.

Items needed for your Christmas dog hamper.

Pawsecco for our girly Greyhound

(click on any of the links below to buy from Amazon, next day delivery is available with Amazon Prime):

Once all items had been purchased, sorted and equally split between the two dogs (as they’ll know) it was time for assembly

How to make the treat bags.

Make treat packets with the cellophane bags and dog treats.

dog treats

Final assembly of the dog hamper.

First, fill the basket with shredded paper or wood wool if you’re hound is especially posh. Then, arrange the items as you wish. I repeated the same layout for both of the hampers, I went with bigger items at the back to hold the hamper lid up.

Christmas dog hamper

Then use cellophane to wrap the hamper and use simple ribbon to finish it off at the top.

Here’s the finished result :

Christmas hamper for your dog

Amber eagerly anticipating her Christmas dog hamper from Doggy Santa.

Greyhound anticipation.

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